About Me

I am a part-time blademaker, who has wide and varied interest; 80’s pop – 30’s swing, Sci-Fi and Medical dramas, roller coasters and hiking and backpacking.

But, since I was a kid, I have always had a fascination with blades. I made my first “knife-like object” at the age of 10 with a piece of mild steel and my fathers 6″ bench grinder… and an electrical tape wrapped handle! It was neither stylish or functional, but it looked scary and that is what a pretend ninja needed in a knife! (Didn’t we all wanna be ninjas when we were kids?)

The majority of my life has been spent behind a keyboard creating, rescuing or tweaking computer servers. But steel always ended up on my mind. I was always researching and learning about knives and knife making.

In 2003, I had a change in my life and I needed a hobby, and as an avid camper and hiker, I knew I needed a good knife. At that time there was no way to afford a ‘good knife’ with my finances such as they were, so I started making knives again. Of course they were not pretty, but they worked, held an edge and were good and strong.

A neighbor saw me working on some and asked if I could make him one. He planned to use it at work, “chunking open wooden crates and plastic strapping”. So I drew up 3 or 4 ideas and he liked them…all. So I made all 4. After looking them over he offered to pay me for all of them. There you go, since I had been paid, I then became a ‘professional knife maker’.

Still, I knew I needed to hone my craft (no pun intended), and I started making knives every chance I could, with every piece of viable metal I could find. I started to build my own tools so that I could make my product better!

My knives are not show pieces, but I am told they are a lot more attractive than those early days. Maybe I’ll post some of those so you can judge for yourself…maybe.


02-13-2019 –

I received an email asking why I call myself a ‘blademaker’ and not a ‘bladesmith’. Though not adhered to 100% of the time, technically ‘Bladesmith’ is a term reserved for someone who has apprenticed with a ‘Master Smith’. As I am completely self-taught, I choose not to use the honorific.