Here we have other products that would be a perfect companion to your new knife!

Survival Water Bottle $25.00

Contains some of the most basic items needed to survive and keep you hydrated. Keep in your backpack, get home bag, trunk or glove compartment. Single wall stainless steel construction bottle from well known manufacturer allows you to boil water to make it safe for consumption. Includes other items listed below.

1 – 24oz. Stainless Steel Single Wall Water Bottle (with screw on cap, wide mouth for easy filling and drinking spout)
1 LED Flashlight (with batteries included)
1 Ferro Rod w/Fatwood handle (makes sparks to start fire, can shave handle with rock or knife to make tinder to start fire by catching sparks!)
1 Folding pocket knife (for cutting cord, shaving kindling or cleaning small animals, can be used to strike sparks off ferro rod)
1 Cotton Bandana (Can be used as head cover, dust mask, water filter, pot holder)
1 lighter (easy fire)
1 light stick with lanyard (Lasts 12 hours, spin to attract help)
2 sticks of tinder (shred easily by hand or with knife, helps to start fire)
~20 ft. Genuine U.S.A. made 550 paracord (Cordage has many uses)
~15 ft. Jute Twine (can be used as cordage or fire starting material)
Several Regular and knuckle bandages
1 Lip balm (sun and wind protection from chapped lips, also great as a candle or fire tinder)
4 small zip ties (many uses)
1 small tube of “Super glue” (can be used as glue or a wound sealant)
1 sanitary pad (can be used as a large wound bandage)

Cargo-Pocket Survival Pouch

New Product! More description coming!

Pocket Fire Tin

New Product! More description coming!
A tin container with all the things you need to start many fires.

WildFire Ferrocerium Rod

A Fatwood handled 1/2″ thick ferrocerium rod, with paracord lanyard. Good for OVER TWENTY THOUSAND strikes!