Why Knives?

The knife is man’s second oldest tool.  Second only to the club.  But let’s face it, while a club can help protect you and even help you get food, a club cannot help you build a shelter, start a fire, process those foods, make cordage, or even signal for help.

Why RoCK knives? 

The philosophy here is that a knife is a tool, a companion, something that should be able to be depended upon!  To that end, RoCK knives are handmade. RoCK knives are constructed with high quality high-carbon steels, hand-laid mycarta, resilient or stabilized woods, and lots of patience ( not to mention elbow grease)! I work hard to make sure each knife meets my standards, and hopefully yours as well!

All knives come with a basic Kydex sheath with belt clip.  You may purchase an upgraded Leather/Kydex  or Full Leather sheaths for an additional cost.

Have a look around, read the descriptions, feel free to send an email with any and all questions!  I try to answer all emails within 24 hours!

Again, all RoCK Knives are HANDMADE knives! So please remember that no two will be exactly the same, though they will be very similar! Each knife is unique just like its owner!

*** All handles are designed for medium-large hands to accommodate use while wearing gloves during cold or inclement weather. Please send a note if you would like the handle adjusted for small sized hands.

More / better photos are coming soon! Please keep checking the website!