At RoughCut Knives, LLC, we use all kinds of materials, but always top grade, high quality components. This is why we warrant your knife for LIFE. Your Life. Period. If there are ever any damage caused by normal use of the knife, we will repair or replace the knife at our discretion. Now this of course does not mean you can take a Thresher and cur up a pickup truck, as that is not the intended use of a chef’s knife, but any normal use of the knife will be covered.

Whether it is a stock item, custom build or even a rebuild or repair of that knife you got from your grandfather that means the world to you, we will use only the strongest epoxies, stabilized natural materials (wood, horn, etc.), and factory fresh steels! You will never find any Toyota leaf springs or mystery steels. We want every knife to have a long service life and warrant our knives against issues with materials or workmanship for the life of the purchaser.

Steel Specifications:

  • O1 – This is very popular steel that has been used since 1905 for everything form hammers, chisels and industrial cutting blades. It is very tough and when cared for properly will develop a layer of patina that prevents oxidation (rust) while holding a very sharp edge.
  • 1095 – Very popular steel used for knives, swords and industrial cutting tools. High Carbon steel is preferred by many professional chefs for various reasons. It should be oiled and wiped after cleaning to prevent rust. If allowed, over time it will develop a beautify aged patina, which is a grey/brown layer of protection. This is NOT rust, but it is a form of oxidation.
  • AEB-L – Developed in Germany in 1928, this is a very popular stainless steel. Tough, durable and flexible (when thin and tempered for flexibility) it has been used for razor blades, fillet knives, Chef knives and industrial cutting tools. Very easy to clean, holds a very good working edge for a long time.
  • 14C28N – Sandvik Stainless, which means it is produced by the most environmentally friendly and responsible steel maker in the world! Sandvik reclaims and reprocesses steel to produce this extreme quality and purity of steel! It is the steel used exclusively for all Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox. That’s a pretty good pedigree if you ask me!
  • CPM S35Vn – Released in 2009 it became an instant hit in the cutting tools market. Designed to be stainless, hard and hold an edge, it is extremely durable and used for kitchen, survival, industrial and lumbering tools. Easy to care for, though a little harder to sharpen, it will hold its edge for a very long time with normal use!
  • CPM MagnaCut – Developed by Dr. Larrin Thomas in 2021. Dr. Thomas designed this steel specifically for knives! A stainless steel, with high hardness, edge retention, flexibility and is not finicky about its heat treatment! It is truly the ‘holy grail’ of steels for our purposes! Quantities are limited as this is a new product, but a full half of our orders are from people asking for this steel already!

Handle Materials:

  • Stabilized Wood – All woods used are professionally stabilized through a process that soaks epoxy resin into the air cavities and fibers of the wood using hi pressure and vacuum systems. It is then baked in an oven until set. While this process does increase the weight of the wood, it makes the wood more scratch, crack, weather and water resistant, increasing the durability of natures gift of beauty!
  • Micarta – This is a composite material made of layers of paper or cloth that is soaked in resins and compressed under extreme pressures (average 20 tons) while the epoxy cures. This makes a VERY tough material that can be carved and shaped like wood and sometimes has a wooden look to it, but is impervious to water, salt, most chemicals as well as impact! It also provides a ‘grippy’ feel in the hand even when wet as the micro sizes cloth fibers grab your skin! This is truly a great material choice and my personal favorite!
  • Ultrex – This is a composite made of phenolic resin sheets bonded to sheets of neoprene rubber with a combination of extreme heat, pressure and epoxy resin. The look of layers of color combined with the grip of rubber makes it feel strong and solid in the hand, yet soft and grippy too.

Sheath Specifications:

  • Basic Kydex – Thermoform Plastic sheath, Many colors available, waterproof, very durable and cut proof. Will last a lifetime.
  • Basic Leather – Hand crafted leather sheath, multiple color options, basic belt loop
  • Swedish Dangler Leather – This sheath includes a leather snap belt loop, snap hook, and leather sheath attached with a D ring. This type of sheath allows for bending or sitting without the knife getting in your way.

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